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Welcome to Console Repairs UK...

We are specialists in repairing games consoles, from PS3 to XBox 360. We have almost 10 years experience in repairing electronic devices, from mobile phones to Sat Navs to iPods.

Our repair centre in based in West London. We can either accept your console by post/courier or bring it yourself to our Acton Repair Centre.

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In order to provide the best possible service, each online quotation is reviewed by a human before being sent back. Tell us what machine you have, what the problem is and how the issue started. One of our team will review the issues, calculate the time and materials to repair the problems and respond with an accurate quotation. Be wary of other websites that use one blanket price for all repairs - they may try to charge you more once they have your console.

Repairs come with a 90 day warranty, and are usually sent back within 3 days of arrival. Most parts are kept in stock so repairs can be done without delay. We also offer a drop-in service to our Kensington repair centre. No appointments necessary.