On Love, Numbers and Cooling Fans: What You Need to Know When Buying a Game Console

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If you’re ten or twenty (or even thirty) and you think that a game console’s the next best alternative to having a wife or girlfriend, then you’re not far from the truth. They’re there when you need them after a bad day at school (or a shouting match with your boss) and when you’re done; you can ditch them just like that. No offense to the nice ladies in the audience (but if you’re a nagger and an earful, then yes offense).

That’s why choosing a game console isn’t unlike falling in love and getting into the outright mess we call relationships. You’d be smart to dip your toes first (or just cannonball, if that’s your thing) because you’ll be stuck with a game console for quite a while. Here are some of the things you need to know before buying a game console.


Yes, We Know It’s For Gaming…

            Today’s consoles do so much more than just entertain you beyond recognition at 3am in the morning and there’s not a soul in the city to give you a fist bump or a high five for finally scorching Dmitri. If you think they’re just boxes for games then you could be no farther from the truth.

Think about how you’ll use your console – will you be using it for the casual Cup Run on Fifa12 or are you also going to use it to stream your movies on a (hypothetical) date night?

Corollary to this, if you plan on running game discs all the way, then you’re better off choosing the basic packages but if you’re looking at digital downloads, it stands to reason you’d need one with more oomph.


Pay for the Features and NOT the Titles.

            No matter how many times you find yourself wiping away snot, tears and drool with your sleeve over a game trailer on YouTube, never get a console for the title. Remember, this is going to be your WAGs for the foreseeable future.

Gaming isn’t all hype; it isn’t an experience, even. Rather, it’s a way of life. Buy a console for the way it handles and the way it plays. We’ve seen dozens of people chuck away a unit to gather dust after the initial dazzle. If a game’s any good, it’ll cross platforms. The best ones almost always do.


Don’t Forget About Accessories!

            Between calloused-thumbed gamers and kids playing with bubble wrap, most forums on the Internet talk about cheat codes, game guides and after-market accessories – and for good reason.

If you plan on casual gaming on weeknights (and a bit more on the weekends), then you’re good with the stock fans but if you’re looking at 72-hour gaming tears, then invest on some decent after-market cooling solutions. Forget about water-cooled rigs, they’re pointless, really. Ring up a pro or a repair shop to get the lowdown on the double-neon LED-lit fans you fancy.


Crunch the Numbers After the Sale.

            Buying a game console is only half the deal (and no, the endless hours of heart-stopping action with breathtaking graphics isn’t the other half). There’s the untold tale of the cost to own a unit.

If you’re planning on movies and music, subscription fees do add up. Get a decent insurance for when your unit breaks or goes AWOL the morning after a blur of acrid cigarette smoke, pizza boxes and pints of beer.

Getting a broken unit fixed shouldn’t cost an arm and leg (no matter how much you wish you can pay off the shops with your in-game dough).  With the lowered costs to build consoles, parts come by easily. If you find one with the service you like, keep their number. These shops are hard to come by these days.