Wire Hangers and Peanut Butter – Quick Fixes You Can Try on Your Game Consoles

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We’re serial gamers too and while some of us may even count in hundreds of hours from titles as far back as the original Pong and Galaga, we still think that there’s no bigger bummer than having your game console crash, freeze or act up right smack in the middle of finally finishing first in Le Mans.

We understand where you’re coming from and just for today, we’re going to share some quick fixes for when you game consoles start acting up. Try these at your own risks. They work for us when a couple of resets and reconnecting the cables won’t do.


For when your game console overheats, here’s a quick fix.

Overheating’s a fairly common issue because if we’re honest, game consoles aren’t really built to last over a hundred hours of continuous play. When we want to push our X-box beyond the pain barrier, we find that they crash or freeze every half an hour or so.

Here’s what you can do: get a piece of string and suspend your power supply unit in the air. This way, it’ll dissipate heat much more efficiently and you can squeeze in a few more hours before your next freeze, crash or hang-up.

Alternatively, you can prop up your PSU on a corner of an empty cardboard box. There’s still a bit more contact on it but it’s definitely a lot less when it’s on a shelf or cabinet. If you want a bit more stability, get a clothes hanger and bend it into a nifty little cradle. This can even double up as a heat sink.


For when your joystick is broken, take it apart.

What you can try to is to take your controller apart. They’re not as scary as they look. Simply screw them open and loosen the unit apart with your nails or an old credit card. This fix will also work when you’re joystick’s bent at an awkward angle or comes completely off after a bad drop.

Again, be careful. This might void your warranty. If you’re too cheap to get a new one and you aren’t sure what you’re doing, send it over to the pros. Some repair shops can even complete the repair in less than a day.


Spread the love and spread the peanut butter.

            Game discs are expensive and when they fail, we’re almost always driven to madness. Sometimes we loan them over to a few mates only to find them quite badly dinged up.

What do you do with a scratched disc that your PS3 won’t read? Simply take a spoonful of peanut butter and slowly spread it over the disc. Use a piece of tissue and rub it in with small circular strokes. We know it’s really awkward and messy (but it’s still a lot cheaper than getting a new copy).

Rinse it completely with cold water and get everything off. Now you wouldn’t want your game console smelling like peanut butter. The deeper scratches would still be visible but hopefully, your game will still play.

To sum things up, here are a few things you need to remember when you’re trying these quick fixes for your game console:

  1. Repairing and disassembling your game console will almost always void the warranty. This rule may also apply in cases when a repair shop gives a warranty.
  2. Always turn your game console off and unplug it completely. We know this is very, very basic but we’ve had our fair share of horror stories.
  3. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing – don’t be cheapskate and send over your game console to a reputable shop. These places often count on years of experience and they stand by their results.

What other quick fixes have you tried on your game consoles? Share your stories in the comments below.